Monday, October 27, 2008

Brynlee's Blessing

This sunday was Brynlee's blessing, she was a perfect little baby. She slept the entire time. I was a little nervous she'd grunt and groan in the middle but she managed to not make a sound. Kyle did a really good job and it was a beautiful blessing. We're so lucky to have Brynlee in our home! Thanks to everyone who came!

Thanks Shane & Willow!

Last week we went to Henderson for a couple days. Kyle had a stone job he was doing and at the last minute he talked me into going...I didn't really want to take a brand new baby to somebody's house especially with little kids. Brynlee can be a screamer at night. But Shane and Willow were nice enough to let us stay with them anyways. I wish I had some pictures but I left my memory stick here...I had fun tagging along with Willow while Kyle was gone and we got to see Travis and Katelyn which is always fun. Thanks for everything!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wow time has flown by. Ican't believe Brynlee is already a month old! She's been the greatest baby. I can't believe how much i love her she's so amazing! It's fun to see her already developing a little personality. She's pretty fiesty, especially if she's hungry! (i'm pretty sure she gets that from daddy...) Here are some more pictures of our little girl!

Here are some pictures of the's not done yet but who knows if it ever will be...:) I just thought these other ones were cute. The one of her laying on her stomach is when we were taking a nap and she turned over onto her stomach. She likes being on her stomach way more than her back.