Friday, December 11, 2009

Some funny things about this little girl that rules our home...
-She does magic tricks...haha she hides whatever she has and looks around mysteriously and whispers "whesit" (where is it) then slooowly reveals it and shouts "TADA"! Cracks me up everytime.
-She loves watching football (or maybe watching everyone watch football...) Everytime it comes on she screams BOOTBALL!!! She claps and cheers along with everyone else and even has the touchdown pose down pat.
-Lately she loves twirling until she's so dizzy she falls down.
-Although she loves sports and throwing a ball around with dad, she is the girliest girl around. She loves jewelery. If she spots any type of jewels she can't stop saying "Pretty" until she puts it on. I guess me and Kyle get the best of both worlds :)
-She loves deodorant...haha yes I know, my one year old likes deoderont?? She gets so excited when she sees it and says "mmmmm" while pretending to smell it. Random? Very.
-You can not leave cotton anywhere near this girl. She will find it, and she will rip it to shreds. Everytime.
-She loves commercials. Her favorites as of late: Any Gap commercial, the hershey's kisses bell commercial, and Alvin & the Chipmunks (specifically the "All the Single Ladies" part). She's so used to having TiVo at my parents house that everytime her commercials come on she yells MORE!
-She loves books, and when I say books I mean anything with pages. Her latest favorite is one of Kyle's stone magazines? I don't see it. I swear she could be read books/magazines all day and be a happy girl.
-She's is persistant to say the least. Especially about making friends when we're out and about. She doesn't quit saying hi until you say it back...just warning you.
-She picks her favorites...She for some reason just LOVES some people and then there are some people she just doen't like. It has no rhyme or reason to it, because usually she doesn't like the people that are best with kids. So don't take offense if she gives you her infamous dirty looks...that's just how she is :)
-She absolutely loves boots, her bright blue rainboots to be exact. She found them in kohls and it was all over from then on. She wore them around the store and refused to take them off. There might have been a huge meltdown in the middle of the store and then I think it ended up in Mom giving in and buying these impractical shoes that didn't even fit her...maybe.
-She is such a talker. She can pretty much say anything now it's insane. She surprises us everyday with new words. The latest shocker was when we went to my parents, they had put up their Christmas tree and she slowly made her way down the hall and all of a sudden we all hear her yell "TEE"! How she knew what a tree is beyond me. She is too smart for her own good I'm afraid...
-She's probably the biggest tease on the planet. She teases every other baby in church with toys and treats (I'm sorry babies in our ward...she's a clone of her father) And loves to tease her Mom. She thinks she's hilarious...and she is most of the time

Brynlee is SO much fun to have around, I swear she amazes me everyday and I'm so lucky I get to spend all day with her!