Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Free Christmas Cards!!

When I heard about Shutterfly's new promotion I jumped on it! I have been wanting to do Christmas cards since we got married but it just never happened. This year I was determined to do them. I dragged my family out in the freezing cold snow so we could get our family picture, I would have Christmas cards this year :) haha luckily when we got home from Utah I saw this was going on and knew they'd actually happen this year! If you haven't been to Shutterfly's website you need to go check it out. I ordered a photo book through them last year of all our wedding photos and loved the results. They are so easy to work with and the book turned out great! I really wanted to order some birth announcements from them for Reese, but it turns out having two kids takes more time than you think ;) Anyways, here is one of the cards I liked because I can definitely relate to the naughty or nice theme with Brynlee! She walks around our house and sings "He knows if you've been bad, so be good for goodness sakes!!" But I really like this one. I LoVe that you can have more than one picture and that there is room at the bottom to tell a little about what everyone had been up to! It's combining the whole Christmas letter and card together to make things a whole lot easier! I also loved this card, it's simple, classy and cute! I seriously have been looking at all of their cards for the last hour and they're all adorable! Be on the lookout for our Christmas cards this year! I hope they get done...maybe they'll be new years cards?! If you want a card email me your address please... HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Park Day!

These pictures are in the wrong order but here is a recap of our park day with Brynlee's bestest bud. If you can't tell Brynlee LOVES being outside and at the park...I love having one down the street from us! Although I did realize it's a lot farther when you have a huge diaper bag, two kids, a picnic blanket, 2 sippies falling out...etc, etc. And yes they both knocked out on the way home in the most awkward positions bahaha

Friday, October 22, 2010

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Finally an update...

So I finally am getting around to updating this blog...I know it's been forever but now I figure I'll just do one BIG update...this will probably be boring to most of you but I don't want to forget what's been going on :) Here's what we've been up to the last couple months!

Every thursday we've been going to kids club. Brynlee and Reese LOVE it! If anyone is bored thursday morning you should meet up with us...

Reese is just a doll...we love her to pieces. She's such a sweetheart and I can't stop kissing her cute chubbo cheeks!
This happens daily around here...Reese is always trying to chase brynlee around and Brynlee loves it. She's constantly saying "Brynlee have one, Reesey have one!"
Haha She LOVES to look at herself in the mirror...this is her checking herself out in her new outfit..
Braden started playing football for Mountain View and we have been loving going to his games! Brynlee all week talks about "watching Braden football"
September was Brynlee's 2 birthday!! I had so much fun getting ready for her birthday parties this year (I think it helps when you're not pregnant :) ) She LOVED her birthday and that it was all about her that week. She walked around all week singing "Happy Brynlee...Happy Brynlee"
This is the ONLY picture I got of Brynlee on her birthday with her looking at the camera...two year olds sure are hard to catch!
Sneaking frosting before the party...

The three little monkeys jumping on the bed! Haha these three were jumping in the crib all night with "woodybuzz"

I was hesitant to do a friend party this year but I'm so glad I did it! It was so much fun to see all of our friends and their kids..
Brynlee was SO excited for "everyone sing to me" but as soon as everyone gathered around she got pretty shy :) Make a wish!
All the was pretty difficult to get everyone looking so this is the best I got :)

Watching Madagascar before everyone came...her favorite! I swear we watch this 20 times a day. She has it completely memorized.

Thank you to all the friends and family that came to celebrate Brynlee's birthday with us we had so much fun and appreciate you all coming out!

All about Brynlee right now...
*She loves to sing (Twinkle Twinkle, Mary had a little lamb, head shoulders, Happy Birthday...the list goes on and on)
*She knows her ABCs and can count to 20 (sometimes missing 16 haha) and also knows how to spell her name
*She is such a little smarty pants and honestly I love it but it's really a curse to the mom...just sayin...
*When she goes in time out she instantly yells "I SORRY!! I BE NICE!"
*She isn't afraid to tell people what she wants...ok let's just say it, she's the boss!
* I love that she loves Reese SO much. I hope they stay close forever. She loves her little "Reesey Roo"
*She's obsessed with the ChikFilA cow. Yet, when we get near him she freaks. Go figure.
*She's a human tornado...I swear I clean up constantly and yet our house is trashed...
*She loves to get her hair cut. Whenever a client leaves our house she hops up in the chair and says "Bynlee's turn! Haircut! BIB!!"
*Her new favorite thing to ask is "Whatcha doin mom?!" and she'll keep asking until I ask her what she is doing too..
*She picks her outfit everyday and and when it comes to putting it on she does it herself!
*She loves people...she constantly asks when we are leaving to everyone else's house but our own (just like her dad :) )
*She definitely knows how to stand up for herself..anywhere we go she will discipline other children "DON'T hit!! BE NICE"
Brynlee is such a blessing in our house I think we'd all die of boredom without her HA! She's such a little entertainer to us all. Although she's stinkin fiesty she can also be the sweetest little girl I've ever met. She has a big heart and I'm so glad I get to be her mom.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Glitter Toes!!

Hey everyone! Along with doing hair at my house I decided I'd jump in and start doing GLITTER TOES! They are so super cute and last forever! They cost $20 for adults and $15 for girls 12 and under...AND if you host a Glitter toes party with 5 or more people you get yours for FREE! email me at to schedule an appointment! Thanks for putting up with my shameless plug :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Welcome Home Uncle Elder!!

Devin's home!! This is a little late but better late than never?? Here are some pictures of picking up Devin from the airport. He served a 2 year mission in Portland OR and we are so proud of him! He's been such a cute uncle these past two weeks...we love having him home!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Shoes ON!!

This girl of mine has a serious love for shoes. If you know Brynlee it's constantly "shoes on!" "shoes off!" She takes people's shoes off their feet and puts them back on...She tries on other peoples shoes constantly and walks around. My entire collection of shoes is regularly in my family room...It's a routine morning activity to see how many mismatching pairs of my shoes she can try on and how long she can walk in them. I'm not going to lie...she's better at walking in high heels than me. She is ridiculously particular in the shoes she wears for each outfit (see picture 2) this is just one example of my everyday. She seriously fights me every morning on which shoes she thinks is the better option...I know if she's already putting up this much of a fight we're going to be in trouble :) At least it's still pretty cute right now!
Yes, she chooses BOOTS in the middle of summer!
Other Updates:
Reese is seriously the cutest happiest baby ever. She sleeps 8-10 hours a night (ummm why is my practically 2 year old still waking up 3 times then?!?) and is pretty much content with whatever! She's such a blessing and a joy and we LOVE her! But she has some tummy issues and tomorrow she has a biopsy to figure out what's wrong. :( Keep her in your prayers and we'll keep you updated when we figure it out!
haha i love this picture of reese...she's so funny

p.s. more pictures to come...when i get my camera back...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Newport 2010

I know it's been forever since my last post but who knew life would be so crazy with two babies??We just got back from Newport and it was SO much fun! I was a little nervous about having Reese there and being out in the sun all day but she was a trooper. Brynlee LOVED the beach...especially the shovels. I don't think I got one picture without at least one shovel (most the time she carried around 3 or 4..) Every morning she'd find her swim suit and was ready to head off to the beach! Thank you Tim and Heather for such a fun vacation!

Brynlee had to have her own ice cream...the story of our lives.
All smiles at Balboa Island
what a munchkin..
Brynlee and Aubree
Reese at the beach just chillin

Brynlee with her shovel "mine mine mine" was heard frequently throughout the day.
"Sunscreen mom!"
Reesey ready with her "kini" on
Brynlee and Brave holding hands...presh.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Reese's blessing and my cute husband.

We had Reese blessed this sunday and it was so much fun to have all of our family there! Kyle did an awesome job and I feel so blessed to have a husband who is worthy to hold the priesthood. Here are some pictures from the big day...
I'm albino compared to Kyle...I'm so ready for summer...
haha Brave was cracking us up! The three cute cousins...
My grandparents came in town for Reese's blessing and it's been so much fun! I'm so sad they're leaving today...
Kissing cousins...haha Brave is such a stud!
Thank you everyone who came!

Ok my husband is the best...he surprised me with tickets to Michael Buble!! Not only did he buy them for me but he came with and sat through the whole thing without a complaint. It was a much needed break for us and it was fun to have a night out with just the two of us! Seriously he was incredible in concert and I couldn't believe how amazing his voice is live. I had to reassure Kyle after that he is still my number one...although Michael might be second...Thanks Heather and Tim for babysitting for us so late!