Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Newport 2010

I know it's been forever since my last post but who knew life would be so crazy with two babies??We just got back from Newport and it was SO much fun! I was a little nervous about having Reese there and being out in the sun all day but she was a trooper. Brynlee LOVED the beach...especially the shovels. I don't think I got one picture without at least one shovel (most the time she carried around 3 or 4..) Every morning she'd find her swim suit and was ready to head off to the beach! Thank you Tim and Heather for such a fun vacation!

Brynlee had to have her own ice cream...the story of our lives.
All smiles at Balboa Island
what a munchkin..
Brynlee and Aubree
Reese at the beach just chillin

Brynlee with her shovel "mine mine mine" was heard frequently throughout the day.
"Sunscreen mom!"
Reesey ready with her "kini" on
Brynlee and Brave holding hands...presh.