Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Free Christmas Cards!!

When I heard about Shutterfly's new promotion I jumped on it! I have been wanting to do Christmas cards since we got married but it just never happened. This year I was determined to do them. I dragged my family out in the freezing cold snow so we could get our family picture, I would have Christmas cards this year :) haha luckily when we got home from Utah I saw this was going on and knew they'd actually happen this year! If you haven't been to Shutterfly's website you need to go check it out. I ordered a photo book through them last year of all our wedding photos and loved the results. They are so easy to work with and the book turned out great! I really wanted to order some birth announcements from them for Reese, but it turns out having two kids takes more time than you think ;) Anyways, here is one of the cards I liked because I can definitely relate to the naughty or nice theme with Brynlee! She walks around our house and sings "He knows if you've been bad, so be good for goodness sakes!!" But I really like this one. I LoVe that you can have more than one picture and that there is room at the bottom to tell a little about what everyone had been up to! It's combining the whole Christmas letter and card together to make things a whole lot easier! I also loved this card, it's simple, classy and cute! I seriously have been looking at all of their cards for the last hour and they're all adorable! Be on the lookout for our Christmas cards this year! I hope they get done...maybe they'll be new years cards?! If you want a card email me your address please... HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!