Thursday, November 13, 2008

2 Months!

Wow. I can't believe our little Brynlee is two months old...I know it's so cliche and everyone says it but man it's going by way too fast!I figured I'd take today to tell some of the things we love about Brynlee...

1. She's finally learned how to smile and she's learning how to laugh! Every night we bring Brynlee into our bed and just sit and talk to her. She's so much fun and I can't get over her smile, it's to die for. Her laugh and smile will never get old...
2. She hates having her feet touched. Last night I was feeding her and Kyle couldn't resist tickling her feet. I've never seen someone move their feet so fast, they were going around and around in circles it was hilarious! The funniest part was she kept a poker face the whole time but her lower half was going crazy!
3. I LOVE her cry it's adooorable. I'm so mean but sometimes I'll just let her cry because seriously she has the cutest cry ever!
4. The past couple of days she'll be crying and i'll start kissing and talking to her and mid cry she'll slowly start smiling and then get excited and try to laugh. She loves to hear that she's cute. haha I know it's just a coincidence but every time I tell her she's cute she starts smiling so big.
5. We put her in the big bath tub for the first time the other day and she loved it! She kicked and floated around. The whole time she kept smiling and trying to laugh and as soon as we took her out she started screaming. She's going to be a little swimmer...
6. Which brings me to my next thing I love....I love when she takes a bath. She smells sooo good!
7. I love that Brynlee is such a cuddler. I could just hold her all day.
8. She already thinks she's a princess. I'm pretty sure she could be the most spoiled little baby already. She thinks she needs to be held while she sleeps (thanks a lot mom & dad!) I'm afraid we are going to have a little drama queen on our hands. She loves to throw her head back and be so dramatic when she cries and then you pick her up and she's totally fine.
9. She loves her food. Don't mess with Brynlee and her eating because she gets really fiesty when she's hungry. Anyone who knows kyle knows she gets that from him :)
10. One of my favorite things about Brynlee is the noises she makes. She growls all the time it's so funny!
11. I love that Brynlee scowls at me all the time. She already has so much attitude...

I honestly could go on forever but I figure I need to stop somewhere. But I couldn't pass up the opportunity to talk about what a blessing Brynlee is in our lives. She has the sweetest spirit about her. I'm so lucky that I get to hang out with her all day. What more could anyone ask for??

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Our Cute Little Chicken...
We dressed Brynlee up as a chicken...she looked so cute! we couldn't stop laughing. Kyle and I thought about dressing up for about 2 seconds and then remembered that we didn't feel like it. Maybe next year...Brynlee also wore her cute halloween oufit. Thanks Aunt Carolyn! For Halloween we went to Isaac & Chelsea's house. I think I gained like 5 pounds the food was so good. The last picture is of our first four generations in our family! It's crazy to think my grandma and grandpa are "greats" now. They were nice enough to come all the way here from Utah for Brynlee's blessing. It's been so much fun having them here to play!