Thursday, September 15, 2011

The birthday girl!

Miss Brynlee had her birthday this week. And quite the week it was. It started out Sunday when we had the whole family over for dinner and cupcakes. It was also her cousins birthday too so we had a double party :) Then she had a little friend party Monday morning and had her favorite {pizza} for lunch, and again...cupcakes. Then Tuesday she had preschool and Kyle met up with us at Peter Piper pizza for lunch. This girl was in heaven with all of the attention and fun presents she got!  She kept saying "I'm the birthday girl so..." Then would follow with whatever she wanted. Spoiled much this week? Yes. But I say it's ok once a year :)   Here are a plethera of pictures from her parties...

Whoa...I took more pictures than I thought..Anywho Here are some things we LOVE about our Brynlee Bear:
-She is so loving. Brynlee has a very kind heart and loves to help people out.
-She loves her baby sister Reese and would do anything for her. {most of the time}
-She loves her dad. She is a total daddy's girl. She loves everything about her and wants to be just like him. {Including: "driving a big truck like him when I'm big. But mine is pink or blue" "going to work to make money like my dad" "when I'mbig I will go to the lake and do tricks like my dad"...}
-Brynlee has her own style. And she will let you know if she doesn't approve of yours :) I've learned this more than once...
-She loves to sit with dad on the couch and each chips...father daughter bonding time.
-Brynlee is such a smarty pants and loves to learn new things
-She loves to sing and it is one of my favorite things to hear her sing her primary cute.
-She loves to pray. She is the only one allowed to pray at our house.
-Brynlee is full of energy.. Her favorite game to play is "chase me!!"
-Her favorite movie right now is "UP" But this changes on a weekly basis...we'll see what it is next week.
-Her favorite song is Poker face by lady gaga, or anything Beiber fever.
*We are so lucky that Brynlee is in our family we love her SO so much! Happy Birthday!!*

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

And off she goes...

Today was Brynlee's first day of school. She woke up early and was so so excited! She picked out her outfit and wanted her hair curled (which is incredible, if you know brynlee..) We were ready with shoes on, backpack packed and on, hair done with an hour to go. haha So I may have taken 1 too many pictures today but I just can't believe she's old enough to go to school. We pulled up to her preschool and I pulled out my camera, the first thing B says "You are NOT taking pictures in there..." Like I'm the most embarassing mother ever. Then she says "Reese is not going in my preschool and you are just going to drop me off, ok??" Fine fine...but I did get her to let me take some pictures outside :) When I picked her up from school she was so excited and said "Mom, I learned!!!" bahah Awesome Brynlee. Seriously, this girl is amazing and so much fun to have in our family. I'm just a little bit sad that she's all grown up...

PS Reese just decided today that she's obsessed with an old binky they found?? I couldn't get her to take it out of her mouth. We may or may not have "accidentally" left it in the grocery cart...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

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Friday, August 5, 2011

While I organize...

My kids make messes :) At least Brynlee now knows how to semi-help clean up hah

*Why can't I get them to both smile at the same time??*

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Temple Night!

Our friends invited us to go to the temple the other night and it turned out to be a fabulous idea. Brynlee was talking the whole way over how we were going to go get married there. She then made it very clear she did NOT want to be married anytime soon. HA good thing! It was fun to just visit the visitors center, I don't remember the last time we took time to go there and just walking around has a special spirit to it. I'm glad my girls got a chance to experience it and I think we might make it a monthly routine. The girls saw the Jesus statue and both flipped! Brynlee was in awe and Reese was jumping up and down say "jee jee" I love that children recognize Him right away. While we were in the visitors center, the dust storm of the century set was interesting walking to the car, to say the least.


Friday, July 8, 2011

Happy 4th!

4th of July was fun this year and totally laid back, which I love. We went swimming all day, went home and all took naps, and then went to my parents for a bbq. Kyle & Devin went and bought some fireworks and gave us a little firework show that may or may not have stressed me out a little bit..Then we had sparklers which were fun for about 10 min. Until Brynlee's broke and got stuck in her flip flop. Poor girl has blisters and a sad little burn. In other news, Reese is not a baby anymore. I kind of want to cry. When did she grow up?? Anytime I pull out a camera she say "CHSSS" With the most ridiculous grin I've ever seen...Melts my heart everytime.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Swim Day!

Last weekend we bought a little pool for the girls. They absolutely LOVE it! We've swam in it almost every day...but the weather is a little insane at the moment so who knows when we'll pull it out again. But for now here are some of the pictures from our swim day :) Plus one of Brynlee's outfit she chose, including my sunglasses, she's too cool for school.

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