Monday, June 23, 2008

Bye to Devin...our new missionary!

Devin's going into the MTC on wednesday but me and kyle had to say bye to devin last night. Who knew it would be so hard? I don't think i realized how much I'm going to miss my little brother! We went bowling with Devin, Alisa, and Misi on saturday night...Extreme Bowling haha We stayed up until 1 and that is huge for me and kyle. It was a lot of fun. Devin got set apart as an elder last night it was really cool. We're so proud of him!! We're going to miss you and we love you Dev!
We love extreme bowling!
Devin...brushing his shoulders off
good times
Devin's action shot...

Lake Powell Trip!!

The past week we've been at Lake powell with the Rohners for Tawnie's birthday, it was so much fun! It's nice to get away and just relax with the fam. Here are some pics from our trip! Happy birthday Tawnie and Skid!
Me and Maren with the boys.
They were so cute on the tube, they kept putting their hands up and giving us the thumbs up
Kyle's back roll...thought this was a cool picture
Me and kyle on the boat with my ever growing belly...i swear it gets bigger by the day
Kyle wake surfing, his new favorite thing!

Friday, June 6, 2008

St. George Trip!

Last weekend we went to St. George for Nichole & Casey's wedding. It was a fun little get away! Here are some pics from the wedding...

We went to Olive Garden after the reception...

Sisters...we should photoshop jen in.

Aww we're going to miss devin!

Dad, Mom, & Devin I LOVED Nicholes center pieces, so cute!

Casey & Nichole cutting their amazing cake, Congrats you guys!!