Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Picture Tag

We were in California the past week for our little spring break. Even though neither of us are going to school right now we still felt like we needed a break. We had SO much fun with Isaac & Chels. I got fried and now I look like I have a skin disease on my legs...needless to say I've learned my lesson. Here's my 10 pics for my tag from Nichole!

This is at Huntington Beach, we walked up the pier and it reaked of fish. I don't think the baby liked it very much...

This is a crazy bird on the pier. He kept trying to eat fish from the fisherman and it got stuck in it's throat.

Hanging out on the beach. I love just being by the ocean it's awesome!

Our last day we rented beach cruisers and a tandem bike. It was so fun just riding around by the beach! I'm pretty much convinced that I really want a beach cruiser...Precious...This is with Chelsea & Isaac by Balboa Island. I think? It was cool though...

California Pizza Kitchen...yuuum

So we only have 7 from our trip so I'll add a couple more random ones.

Me and Alisa at the suns game...courtside tickets! It was awesome!

Happiest day ever!!

Easter at my parents!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Thanks a lot Alisa...

Alisa tagged me on the longest tag known to man! It's alright though I'm babysitting for a month old baby so now I have a lot of spare time...he's always asleep.

10 years ago: I was 10. I thought I was either going to live in Hawaii and be a beach bum for the rest of my life or move to New York and become a professional dancer. I wasn't very realistic...

5 things on my to do list: Go to the grocery store to buy fruit and chips (our friends are having a bbq tonight), go over to my parents and watch all my TiVo shows-especially Project Runway its the finale!, clean my messy house, eat cheese popcorn (i've been craving it forever), and last but not least write my talk for sunday-i probably should have put that first...

5 snacks I enjoy: It changes all the time but right now my favorites are purple skittles, cheese popcorn, edemame, orange & vanilla ice cream bars from DQ, and french fries. Pretty gross huh?
5 places I've lived: Layton Utah, South Jordan Utah, Mesa Arizona, Provo Utah, and now we live practically in AJ

What I would do if I suddenly became a billionaire: I'm stealing Alisa's idea and I'd pay off family's debt, then I'd build a super cool house for us, I'd invest a lot of it for the kids and then I would travel the world! I would love to just walk up to people and give them a huge wad of cash...that would be way fun

5 jobs I've had: I did the Derek Smith campaign doing telemarketing when I was like 14, then I worked at Hollister (embarassing I know...), after that I worked at At Home Signings doing data entry, then I worked for Tim at Valley Stone doing office work, now I'm a hair stylist and I love it!

5 things you don't know about me: I'm addicted Grey's Anatomy, The Office, The Hills HGTV basically way too many shows, If I could I would replace all meals with treats, If I didn't have an alarm clock (aka Kyle) I would probably sleep 15 hours a night, meat grosses me out...I absolutely can't touch it, annnnnd I over mix everything-basically I'm a horrible cook.

Now I tag: Nichole-maybe she'll do it if more than one person tags her, Laura,& Michelle( sorry guys this one takes foreveeer)

Monday, March 3, 2008

Need a new post...

So I was sick of looking at the Christmas post as I'm sure everyone else is...I know Alisa is! So here's an update on our lives- We moved into our house and we love having the extra space. We found out we got the house around the same time we found out I'm pregnant so it was perfect timing! So that's our other big news I'm about 10 weeks along so still pretty new...Kyle of course is hoping for a boy...Anything healthy will be good for me. We were really lucky to have Chelsea and Isaac help us paint our house, we would never have finished if it weren't for them. We owe them big time! We're going to California for spring break with Chelsea & Isaac so we'll have to post some pictures from that!