Saturday, February 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Reesey!!

My baby turned one today...wait..didn't I just have her?? Life is going by wayyy too fast! We had a fun family party for her. Although we may or may not have had a little candle mishap...I think the birthday girl still had fun :) Thanks to all of our family who came and here are some pictures of her big day



What Reese is doing these days...
-Semi-walking Ha! She can walk about 4 steps at time
-Says: Mama Dada Baba Baby Mo(re) Pat Pat and my personal favorite No no no! (of course it's has a finger shaking along with it)
- Puts herself to sleep
-She loves to sing Patty Cakes
-Reesey's the sweetest little thing and we are SO lucky to have her in our family. She puts up with a lot around here and she is so patient and sweet. We Love you Reesey Roo!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Family Pics

So my awesome SIL (Haleigh Rohner Photography) took our family pictures awhile back and she did an amazing job! We loved every single one of them. If you are ever thinking of getting some done here in AZ she has some awesome locations and helps the very un-photogenic look semi-photogenic, and captures some pretty cute pictures of the kids...Luckily she had a trusty assistant who brought candy...the only way to get this cute picture of our fiesty little girl! She can give stink faces like you wouldn't believe, but you mention candy and she's all yours!
Can I just take a minute and mush? My baby is turning 1 soon and I want to cry. I always thought people were weird when they got sad about their kids growing up. With Brynlee I couldn't wait! It was so fun watching her learn and grow. I enjoy it with Reese but at the same time I want her to stay a baby forever. Selfish? Yes. But I can't help it. So, that should explain the next picture coming she was tiny. and adorable. that's all.
With that being said, I also LOVE the stage my girls are at. So yes I'm sad she's not a baby but my girls have so much fun together. They also love to fight but that's another story. Life is so much fun lately and I feel like Reese is getting old enough to where we can go do activities and enjoy them :) I hope they stay close as they grow up...because right now they have a love/hate relationship. This could be interesting.
I got a canvas of this blown up from that I won in a giveaway on my good friends blog. She's pretty much Anyways thank you Jamie it turned out amazing, I LOVE IT!
My sisters...we're pretty much best friends and I love it...PRESH