Monday, June 23, 2008

Bye to Devin...our new missionary!

Devin's going into the MTC on wednesday but me and kyle had to say bye to devin last night. Who knew it would be so hard? I don't think i realized how much I'm going to miss my little brother! We went bowling with Devin, Alisa, and Misi on saturday night...Extreme Bowling haha We stayed up until 1 and that is huge for me and kyle. It was a lot of fun. Devin got set apart as an elder last night it was really cool. We're so proud of him!! We're going to miss you and we love you Dev!
We love extreme bowling!
Devin...brushing his shoulders off
good times
Devin's action shot...


~AliSa~ said...

That was a lot of fun that night. I was surprised that you two lasted that long, but you had to get your money's worth! I'll give you the pictures that you want when I get back. Lake Powell looked like a lot of fun. Bridger and Cannon are too cute! You should have them come over and swim! Love and miss you. Don't worry I will probably be bawling like no other for the next few days until Devin leaves. I am still bitter towards Ostler for making us all cry!!!

Shaylee said...

Sad day! Even though Mitch has only been gone for three weeks it feels like he has been gone my whole life and that there is the largest hole in the family. It does get a little better but it sure stinks!

Hey it's Amy Shipp said...

I can't believe that's going to be Bronson soon... He gets his wisdom teeth out tomorrow!