Thursday, March 5, 2009

Free Money

So I found this website and I thought it was pretty cool. I'm the type of person that "googles" everything. So anyways if you go sign up at swag bucks they will give you "money" randomly for doing different searches. Then you can trade it in for gift cards and stuff. Kyle thinks I'm crazy because I used to tell him that tips are free money. Apparently, they're not. But this is free money. Anyways I just thought this was cool! You can go here to sign up


The Nye's said...

ha ha ya i think tips are free money too! whoops! I dont get it though...what do you search?

The Rohners said...

haha you just search's like google...but sometimes you win swagbucks. And then you can trade them in for gift cards and stuff...I already have enough for my first gift card!

Brittany Buckhannon said...

camille i signed up! haha i have 8 swag bucks!