Thursday, September 17, 2009


Brynlee's birthday party was so much fun! She was way funny with her presents it was like she had never seen toys before, my poor little orphan child with no toys...We had a lot of fun having all of our family over thanks for coming everyone! We missed Cannon & Bridger & Brave, they couldn't come because they have the swine flu. Just kidding but they weren't feeling very good so thanks for not spreading it! :) Anyways I can't believe Brynlee is a YEAR! How are some fun facts about her:
*Her vocabulary is growing steadily and we love to try and get her to say new words. Including: Hi, Papa, Daddy, Mommy, Doggy, Cracker, Mo (more), diaper, please, pretty, baby
*She thinks it's funny to run away from me when we need to change her diaper...but mom thinks its not so funny.
*She likes to call anyone remotely around her age "baby" yes that includes 2 year olds too
*She loves her "pretty" necklaces. As you can see she didn't take them off her entire party and she wants them on before we leave. A true girl!
*She's a dancing fool. Any song comes on and Brynlee jams out. Kyle is still convinced she will be a sports fanatic...we'll see.
*She still loves the Prius commercial. Since this thing came out Brynlee has been obsessed with it. When it comes on there is a lot of screaming, clapping and dancing that goes on in our house. If you don't know what I'm talking about here is the link to the clip because I'm still too stupid to figure out how to post a video
* She loves to make friends anywhere we go. She waves to anyone and everyone. Such a charmer.

Here are a couple pictures from her party, we couldn't really get any of her looking at the camera because she was so excited about her presents.


Tate Family said...

She is seriously so cute! Don't you love listening to the little words that come out of her mouth. And I love her birthday outfit, too cute!

The Sorensens. said...

That is the cutest cake!! Happy birthday to Brynlee! :) so cute camille!

Amber R. said...

Ha! I just barely saw this post. Tell Brynlee that we need to go ahead and make her a necklace that doesn't hang to the floor.

And sorry we missed the party but I am sure you really are glad.... Cam is STILL not 100%

The Kitch said...

yay!!!! i am so glad that you commented on my blog and that we have found each other in the blogging world! your daughter is absolutely adorable! i am glad that i can now be updated on YOUR exciting life!