Monday, April 12, 2010

Our cute girls on Easter...

Easter was so much fun this year! I loved that Brynlee would actually have fun with her easter basket and that we could have an easter egg hunt. I think I was more excited than Brynlee (hence the last picture of her rubbing her eyes...) I made her get up right away to go out to get her stuff :) Then we got to listen to conference which is always a treat!

Here's Brynlee walking in Daddy's shoes. I couldn't get a better picture because she was too busy walking around in them!
All worn out..
Dad bribing Brynlee for a smile...
Brynlee being sassy and refusing to smile...she kills me! haha I love Reese's face in this too her lips are so stinking cute
Reese is getting so big and chubby! I love her little thigh rolls
"Seriously Mom?"
Hope everyone had a fun Easter this year!

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Scott+Tiffany said...

awww your girls are so dang cute! We need to go to lunch soon