Saturday, July 9, 2011

Temple Night!

Our friends invited us to go to the temple the other night and it turned out to be a fabulous idea. Brynlee was talking the whole way over how we were going to go get married there. She then made it very clear she did NOT want to be married anytime soon. HA good thing! It was fun to just visit the visitors center, I don't remember the last time we took time to go there and just walking around has a special spirit to it. I'm glad my girls got a chance to experience it and I think we might make it a monthly routine. The girls saw the Jesus statue and both flipped! Brynlee was in awe and Reese was jumping up and down say "jee jee" I love that children recognize Him right away. While we were in the visitors center, the dust storm of the century set was interesting walking to the car, to say the least.


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Hey it's just Jeff and Amy said...

Awwww !! so sweet! I miss you guys!!!
xoxo ~ Amy