Saturday, May 17, 2008

Beginning of Summer!

Lake Trip!!
It was fun going with the nephews they're so dang cute...Kyle had a blast taking them tubing.

haha Cannon loved wearing Kyle's sunglasses. Super cool.

Kyle surprised me for "mother-to-be" day. He got me these flowers (which i LOVED) and cleaned the house...which i loved even more. He's such a sweetheart!
So here's a picture for all those people who wanted to see a prego camille...I'm eating my poor mom out of house and home (I'm too lazy to go grocery shopping for me and kyle.)



Looks like fun! and you look so cute pregnant! Have fun and see you in a couple weeks!

Kyle & Michelle said...

CAMILLE! you are so adorbale! im so excited for you! and good job kyle on those flowers theyre so pretty!!

Jennica & Mitch said...

I'm so excited you got that pic up finally! You look sooo cute! Ah! Are you in maternity clothes yet? Love you!

Amber R. said...

Get real, you are pushing your stomach out in that picture... I just saw you last night and you are still skinny... nice try!


The Sorensens. said...

such a cute pregnant lady!! haha, did you pick which name yet?!

Casey & Nichole said...

OH MY! You are such a cute pregnant girl! I can't wait to feel your tummy in a week haha

Stephanie Madsen said...

Camille!! I'm so glad you put a tummy pic up! You are so adorable. It looks like you had fun out on the lake. I wish we had family closer by who could take us on a boat ride... haha-you are lucky to live to close! How are you feeling?! Are you getting super excited for your baby girl!? That is so awesome! I can't wait to see her!! It's so crazy to think about! LOVE YOU CAMILLE!

Brittany Buckhannon said...

Camille!! I love that picture of you with your cute little tummy!!! I am so excited to see you this summer. I am also very excited to be the godmother to the cutest little girl ever! I miss you terribly!! Love you!

The Nye's said...

ha ha that is so funny, I was like who is braden...then I was thinking hmmm maybe I should put my blog on private, then I saw it was you! But for sure lets go... sometime this week, since work seems to be kind of slow... haha

Hey it's Amy Shipp said...

Hey girl,
I was just stopping over to say hi! You have super fun music on your site :D
You and Kyle are so cute in all your pictures!
Stop by and see me in blogland sometime. (I know you already see a ton of me in real life! But I'm so glad we're in the same ward & have our fabulous callings together, so Yay!)
PS. You should put a pic of your new b____ c_____r on your blog!
*trying not to give it away*

CHERYL said...

Camille-- you look darling!!!
Kyle--way to be the perfect "dad-to-be!!!"
I love and miss you both but will see you soon for Devin's "non-farewell."