Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mesa Children's Museum

Why had we never been to this little gem?! My cousin came in town and we decided to meet her and her kids at the children's museum. It was SO much fun! My girls had a blast and could have lasted all day (if we had been smart enough to pack a lunch) Honestly, I thought they'd be done after an hour, but we stayed for 3. And they were mad when we were leaving. I'm thinking I need to get a season pass to this place, I just wish it was a little closer or we'd go every day! Ha I couldn't even get one good picture of these two smiling because they were on the go the whole time.

Brynlee's favorite place, "her stage"

Taking a break for about 5 seconds..
They were doing a fairytale exhibit while we were there and had all sorts of fun dress ups! Brynlee was in heaven when she saw the shoe department :)



Jennica and Mitch said...

I love tha she loved her stage! Next time I'm in town we need to go to that place. What cousin was in town?

Amber said...

I'm trying to NOT be offended that you never hang out with your ugly red headed step family that lives in town.

That will be all.

Angie Milne said...

Wow Reese is so grown up! I can't believe how big she has gotten! Your girls are the CUTEST! Ps I am obsessed with your boutique cuteness! I am so ordering a couple dozen pairs of those leggings for our little girl!!! love them!