Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sugar Baby Boutique

Hey everyone! I decided to start Sugar Baby Boutique up again. Please go check out the new skirts, accessories, and leggings I have on there... and if you love me at all will you follow it? and or tell your friends?! Baha Thanks! I also decided to kill 2 birds with 1 stone and put up some of the blogs I've been using to do some of the crafts around my house...So if you've asked where I got a pattern for this and that I will finally be answering you! Slowly but surely...





Amber said...

Presh! Loving the skirts and leggings pal! I guess I'm going to have to become a follower even though I have NO girls to sew for. ;)

Mallory Nikolaus said...

UM LOVE IT!!!!! I'm a follower! Now all I need is to learn how to make a baby GIRL! I mean, i'm pretty good at making boys but I dunno if Carter will let me dress him in pink and lace! hahaha!

Love ya girl!