Monday, January 24, 2011

Christmas Traditions..

I know Christmas is long gone but I had to update...This year was one of my favorites. Jennica and Mitch came and Brynlee had a blast playing with her cousins. We also decided that since Brynlee is getting older we'd start some traditions... I'm hoping the gingerbread houses, sugar cookie making and all of the other fun holiday stuff we did this year continues.
Bahah I loved this picture of Brynlee & Caden playing on the ball...too funny

So proud of her house :)
Grandma with the munchkins. Reese may or may not have stolen an entire wall of grandma's house...

Not much frosting made it onto her cookies this year..

Brynlee's had a little too much influence on this kiddo!

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Katelyn Smartt said...

Hahha yesss you finally updated! I'm obsessed with all of these pictures. SO stinking cute!