Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hatch Family Christmas Party

The Hatch family Christmas party was so much fun this year! Brynlee was actually old enough to anticipate Santa's arrival...however she wasn't too happy when we put her on his lap. Haha She waited patiently for her turn and continually waved and yelled hi santa!! but as soon as it was her turn it was all over! Reese was also pretty freaked out by our bearded friend, but they were both very happy to find he had brought them presents :)

When Brynlee first saw Santa...Then it hit her and she said "that's a really big santa"
All of the children act out the nativity and there were some pretty impressive costumes this year. Brynlee was a shepherd and Reesey was an angel...Not gonna lie it was pretty awesome..

Proud little shepherd showing off her lamb
Our shy little angel, I can't get over her cutest little smile/head tilt. Kills me every time.


Amber said...

Ummmm whoa.... who is that giant child behind baby Reese...?! Oh wait, it's just midget Camille. What were you in the nativity buddy?

Stephanie Madsen said...

Camille!!!!! Your family is SO CUUUTE and growing soooo fast!!!!!!

Cami said...

Your girls are beautiful!!! I love the baby angel.