Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Last Christmas Post I promise :)

Christmas morning with the cousins..yes she has his shoes on..
Sadly we mostly did video Christmas morning so this is the only picture we have of them together...if you asked Brynlee what Santa brought she would say "chips & a water bottle" Cool.

Presents? I'd rather go for the wrapping. thanks.
Her present from Uncle Devin..She's obsessed with the princess styling kit he gave her...too bad mom hasn't let her open her sucker yet...
Doing her first haircut..Ha I hear all day long "Not now Reese I doing a haircut!!"...Sad. Where'd she get that from?? And yes, our house looked like a tornado went through it for an entire week...
So excited for the annual hayride. Thanks Rohner's! It's always so much fun!

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